Benjamin Stutzman; Author, Artist:

Who am I?

Read the first 2 chapters of my novel for free here!

The picture to the left is me at a book signing in 2012. Aside from writing books, I draw pictures: mostly in pencil or colored pencil, which you will see in the book gallery tab. I also make films; more information on that can be found below. 


Currently, I have a minor in creative writing, but I am majoring in film for college. Ever since I got the idea for Downfa11, I've wanted to make movies, and seek to create smart, complex scripts for the audience to ponder.


Right now, I have made several short films at RIT, and am working on my final project, a senior thesis movie called "Clairvoyant." More info on that will be posted very soon, and I'm so excited about it because I think it's the one thing I've done at RIT that actually is almost as good as this novel I spent thousands of hours working on.


My ultimate goal is to be a script writer, and create origninal screenplays for blockbuster movies. Until then, and mostly because of limited budget, I will continue writing, and if you want to read what I create, or want a reason why you should, check out the namesake tabs on the top right that will give you reviews of readers. :D


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